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Skills and Experiences

I am a software engineer currently looking for a new adventure : you provide me with a problem and some caffeine, I provide you with the software part of the solution! I am mainly interested in embedded systems and constrained environments where resources are scarce and performance matters. My main languages are C and Python. I hugely prefer working with a Linux OS. I am pretty good at choosing the right data structures and building a clear design. I work in English, my mother tongue is French.

For the past eight months I have developed on kien, a successfully crowd-funded sound system. I graduated with two master's degrees in 2012 : engineering in telecommunications and research in computer science respectively from INSA de Lyon and Université Lyon 1. From 2012 to 2014 I worked for Alstom Transport as a validation / integration tester in Lyon, France. In 2011 I worked as a summer intern for ARM in Cambridge, UK, and that was probably the most valuable part of my education..

Sport and Discovery

The main downside of my job is that I basically sit eight hours a day. That is why I exercise at least two times a week, although I'm not part of any club at the moment. I work out regularly with my own exercise bench. I love to play beach or green volley-ball with my friends as soon as I get the chance. I cycle a lot, both for commuting and pleasure. "A car runs on money and makes you fat, a bike runs on fat and saves you money!"

Sport is more than just spending calories to me, it is a mandatory break time during the week that allows you to put aside your daily issues and focus on your relationship with your body. And it is often the only way to discover amazing places. What you can see in background is the Atlantic ocean coast of Enez Groe: that explains pretty well my interest in hiking. Finally, I have a growing interest in sailing since I started learning last summer here.

Creation and Inspiration

Alongside my engineering education, I have been studying and practising theatre for 6 years owing to my university artistic section. This was a unique opportunity to develop a completely different set of skills and to discover a new universe. I took acting courses and participated in several plays : Red, Black and Ignorant, La Colonie, Musée, Mauvaise saison sur l'Olympe. After graduating I co-founded a theatre company that created and played an adaptation of Of Mice and Men. I had to leave this adventure when moving to the Netherlands, but the company still exists today.

Besides theatre, I am interested in many different artistic expressions. While travelling I try to analyse and understand architecture, which I believe is the very foundation of any culture, and also the physical heritage of history. When it comes to music, I love recent jazzy bands like Caravan Palace or Electric Swing Circus, as well as traditional Celtic music... About cinema, I especially like animated films and series. Although they were originally childish entertainment, I think they have become more serious and interesting than many successful "traditional" films.

Escape and Competition

Back in the days I was too young to travel by myself, I was craving for a way to escape my daily life and find a bit a fresh air. This is how I started playing video games, and why I am still a regular gamer nowadays. Among the infinity of game types, my favourite one is RPG. Masterpieces exist that takes you in an instant to another world with its own history, beliefs, characters... and you take an active role in it. Without these "virtual" journeys, I would probably never have grown an interest in acting.

It is not solely about a peaceful and an calming trip; sometimes it is about victory. That's why I also like fast-paced competitive games. Not only they are exhilarating, but they also make you develop a reactive and strategic mind, capable of taking decisions quickly even under pressure. And perhaps more importantly, it helps you learn to accept and analyse defeat, so that you can win next time; and this is precisely the attitude I try to adopt in my life when confronted with something difficult.

Professional and Personal Networks

I use GitHub to store some open-source code I write. If you are looking information written in French, you might want to check my LinkenIn profile.

You can find me on several well-know social networks. Since they are more personal, please do not use them for professional contact.

Workplace, Mail and Phone

Until 2015-07-15, I work at the YES!Delft incubator, Molengraaffsingel 12, 2629JD Delft, The Netherlands.

You can contact me at contact@thibautvuillemin.com or call me at +31629322434 (NL) or +33642004235 (FR).